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The Red Star Barn LLC is a family owned and operated business/farm. Our barn was built by the Wagner family in the 1920s to serve their farmstead.

It is a classic choice of barn for the region, known as a Basement Barn. Distinguishable by it's timber framing and above ground bottom level it carries the trademark ramp. The lower level was used for housing livestock and the upper barn was used to store hay, the design represents the rise of dairying within a grassland environment.

 Now almost 100 years later it serves as home to myself, Jenny, my husband, Rick, my mother, Donna and our new goat family. We can appreciate all the hard work that came before us so when it became our time to work on the barn, we wanted to pay tribute to the farm's history by displaying the antiques of farming past.

We want our guests reminiscent of a much simpler time, when these farms were the heart of the community. American farmers long believed placing a star on your barn represented good luck and today it symbolizes The Red Star Barn. We welcome everyone to come share in the good fortune and enjoy your day here.

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Grandma Hull
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